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Imperial 400 Motor Inn

644 West Broadway Street
Needles, CA  92363

Imperial 400 Motor, Needles Details

Property Name: Imperial 400 Motor Inn
Hotel Chain Name: TravelCLICK
Address: 644 West Broadway Street
Number of Rooms: 32
Number of Floors: 2
Longitude & Latitude: -114.60, 34.84
Number of Photos: 10

First Customer Review Date: 05/05/2010
Last Customer Review Date: 06/24/2010
Check-in Time: 2 PM
Check-out Time: 11 PM

Accessibility Features

This hotel does not offer any accessibility features. Please select a different hotel if you are interested in booking a room with accessibility features.

Terms & conditions

Rates displayed are for single or double occupancy per room per night based on the number of adults requested. Please note that extra people, children, rollaway beds and incidentals may be subject to additional charges at Check-In.

Rates are subject to availability and may exclude additional taxes and charges imposed by the hotel. Some rates may require special identification.

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