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Avi Resort & Casino

Avi Resort & Casino is a 3.5 star hotel
10000 Aha Macav Pkwy
Laughlin, NV  89028

Avi Casino, Laughlin Details

Property Name: Avi Resort & Casino
Hotel Chain Name: TravelCLICK
Address: 10000 Aha Macav Pkwy
Number of Rooms: 456
Number of Floors: 1
Longitude & Latitude: -114.65, 35.02
Room Types Available: Beach Tower - King or 2 Queen Beds, River View Room- King, Standard Room - King or 2 Queen Beds
Bed Types Available: 1 King, 2 Doubles
Number of Photos: 77

Weekday Room Price Range: $29 to $55
Weekend Room Price Range: $89 to $125
Extra Person Charges: $7.43

Star Rating: 3.0
Average Review Rating: 4.28
Number of Customer Reviews: 397
First Customer Review Date: 04/04/2006
Last Customer Review Date: 03/25/2013

Recent Avi Casino Review: "Upon our arrival @ 2:00 we were notified that check-in time was not until 4:00 even though our paper work stated 3:00. I had a splitting headache and asked if there was any opening available now. "only on the first floor". (we had requested a room on the 6th floor when we made the reservations back in April) I said "no", it's our anniversary - we stayed  here last year for the first time on our anniversary and had a room on the 6th floor and just feel in love with the view the the Riverside section. With my head throbbing so bad, my husband checked with the front desk periodically to see if our room was ready a little early, to no avail. Finally at 4:00 we got in line, had to wait a good 1/2 hour and were told that all you had left was a room on the first floor. We couldn't believe our ears and requested the assistance of a mngr. After another 1/2 hour or longer, someway - somehow they found us a room on the 6th floor. By this time I was crying (I'm 54 and don't cry easy but I was literally sick by this time. by the time we got to our room, I had to lay down and that's how I spent the first day of our anniversary vacation. The second day was fine - hot, but fine. After we retired I felt something strange under the covers. I turned on the lights and sure enough found two 'ticks'. The following morning I notified housekeeping that we needed our sheets cleaned via their answering service. Also requested an additional pillow. My husband happened to be in the room when housekeeping came to do the room and reminded them on the sheets being changed. I noticed when we went to bed that the extra pillow was never left which leaves me to believe that my message was simply 'ignored' by your housekeeping staff. I am soooo dissatisfied this time around. We 'do' like the Avi over all, but as it turned out, we stayed an extra night to make up for the first night we missed with the room screw up. This cost us an additional nights stay plus meals, plus boarding for our dogs. I would l"

Check-in Time: 3 PM
Check-out Time: 11 AM

Restaurants Near Avi Casino: Subway
Attractions Near Avi Casino: Camping, Free WiFi Hotspots, Golf

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